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Egg and Quinoa Soup



  1. Put the kettle on, you need about 500ml of water.
  2. Put the quinoa and stock into a pan.
  3. Once the kettle has boiled, add about 500ml boiling water to the pan. The amount is not exact, it depends how liquidy you like your soup. Stir until the stock has dissolved.
  4. Put the lid on, put the pan on a medium heat and set your kitchen timer for 18 minutes. When it starts to bubble, it needs to bubble gently (more than simmer, but not furious).
  5. Whisk the egg well.
  6. When 18 minutes have passed, add the sweetcorn to the pan and let it cook for another couple of minutes so that the soup has started to bubble again.
  7. Add the egg to the soup by pouring it through a sieve (or tea strainer) from several inches above the pan. The egg should cook almost immediately and go pale and fluffy.
  8. Give it a stir and serve