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Results of ME/CFS Supplement Poll

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This is an on-going poll of supplements that ME/CFS sufferers have tried. If you have (or have had) ME/CFS, please tell others your experience by voting. The more people who vote, the more useful it will be. This poll is only intended for supplements you can buy over the counter.

6 points (6 stars) = it cured me  good
5 points (5 stars) = it helped me a lot  good
4 points (4 stars) = it helped me a bit  good
3 points (3 stars) = it made no difference  indifferent
2 points (2 stars) = it made me a bit worse  bad
1 point (1 star) = it made me a lot worse  bad

happy face with crown = there are more good votes than bad + someone was cured
happy face = there are more good votes than bad
neutral face = the numbers of good and bad votes are the same
sad face = there are more bad votes than good

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Supplements by Number of Good Votes

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